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Please send us your letters (but please make them as short as you like) – preferably by email, for this see our contact page here.  Mark them ‘for possible publication’ and include your name and a locality address (ie Aldwick, Elmer, Bersted, Bognor Regis etc).  We won’t publish your name unless you ask us to, just initials.  Subject matter should preferably about local issues, but possibly also wider matters that affect us all.  Letters may be edited/shortened and we can’t guarantee publication.



Dear Editor,

I’ve read on your website how you had to fight to get 2 hour free parking in Bognor Regis, but I note that our town is the only one in the Arun District that has paid for on-street parking.  Why is this?  Littlehampton is free in the town and Arundel is free, so why are we being penalised by the County Council?  It has to be pretty obvious that free parking helps the shopping centre to survive, and I struggle to think of anything that WSCC has done to help regeneration.  What can we do to get WSCC to see sense and play its part?



Ed: Nag the hell out of your County Councillor and politely demand answers.  Find him/her with contact details on the WSCC website, and if we all persistently did this, not taking no for an answer, eventually something might happen.  Of course, if you’re feeling energetic, you could run a petition to WSCC on the topic as well.  Might work but don’t hold your breath.





Has anybody realised how arrogant West Sussex and Arun Councils are in that they deliberately avoid giving opportunities for the public to ask them questions on what they do?  West Sussex have no opportunities at all for any kind of question time;  they used to use the excuse that questions could be asked at the County Local Committees, but they’ve done away with those and now there’s nothing.

At least Arun has public questions at committees and Full Council, but why is it that nobody uses them?  Because smarty-pants councillors give slick half-answers that don’t answer the question at all – and ramble on at such length while doing it that they use up the whole (short) time allocated so that no more questions are allowed.  None of this is at all satisfactory and clearly demonstrates that these Councils aren’t really interested in communicating with the public at all.

Yours faithfully,


Ed: We have constantly said that Arun’s question time should be extended to 45 minutes (if needed), and that the time used by councillors for answers should not be counted in this. Plus, questioners should be routinely asked if they are satisfied with the answer and if not, a proper answer insisted upon by the Chair of the meeting.  And West Sussex should follow with this too. Nothing changes though, which shows how much they care.




To the Editor,

Why is the Regis Pub on the sea front all boarded up?  This seems a really silly thing to do in the summer season, just when lots of people, me included, like to sit and have a drink outside and watch the world go by.  Have the pub people gone bust or something, or is Arun going to knock it down?  It’s all very well to put fancy pictures all over it, but a pub just there was a real asset and now it’s gone.  So silly for a holiday resort in the middle of summer.

Yours truly,


Ed: Whitbread have sold the Lease back to Arun and cleared off a bit earlier than Arun expected – this being all part of Arun’s questionable deal with them (click here for the details) – and left Arun with a rundown building they haven’t (at the moment) got any idea what to do with. At least they painted parts of it – that’s a start!  There’s more on this topic to be found here.




Dear Sir

Your piece about Arun paying £38,000 for five toilet doors (Ed:see here) is truly staggering.  Why aren’t our councillors up in arms about this and demanding to know the reason for this extraordinary waste of public money? I thought the whole idea of councillors was to represent the public and hold the council to account, yet all I see when I look at the webcast of the meetings is a collection of mostly silent people meekly putting their hands up to nod through whatever the officers suggest.

Yet these officers are the ones who have consistently produced bad/expensive schemes in the past, so why are these pathetic councillors so reluctant to closely question this sort of thing? They really are completely useless.



Ed: What is needed is more people like yourself phoning up your councillor and requesting them to ask questions/find answers/hold officers to account etc.  You can find their contact details on Arun’s website, or phone the council direct and ask them who your councillor is.  Go to it!





Why are you always beefing about what Arun does?  Surely it would be better to be a bit more positive about things?



Ed: Well, you’re right, it would be nice to be praising them a bit wouldn’t it?  But the truth is, they get plenty of praise from other media who mostly only publish press releases written by Arun themselves!  So we focus on the stuff the others fail to tell you – otherwise you’d never know, would you?


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